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"My goal is to give each patient the one-on-one care that you expect from your family dentist."

Emergency Dentist in Kirkwood

When you’re in pain and need dental help fast, Dr. Mark Taylor, DMD, emergency dentist in Kirkwood and the surrounding West County area, is your best choice! We know that tooth pain interrupts your normal, day-to-day activities and can often make certain actions such as eating unbearable.

It’s simply not possible to pretend the pain isn’t there! But when you book an appointment with your regular dentist, they schedule you during their usual daytime hours which may not be soon enough. Don’t force yourself to tolerate the pain. Instead, choose Taylor Dental for your emergency dental needs.

Dr. Mark Taylor, DMD: Emergency Missouri Dentist

Dr. Mark Taylor has an excellent reputation for helping those who need emergency dental care fast. He’s the dentist that is quick to respond to his patients’ needs and knows how to take care of tooth pain as quickly as possible. With decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Taylor will promptly assess your emergency needs, reach a definite diagnosis, and respond accordingly with the proper treatment. He’s your go-to dentist for sudden toothaches, temperature sensitivity, and mouth pain. Whatever problems you may be experiencing, Dr. Taylor can help!

West County Emergency Dental Services and More

At Taylor Dental, you can receive help for all of your dental care needs, not just emergencies. One of the many things that makes Dr. Mark Taylor unique is not only his outstanding dedication to helping eradiate people’s pain when they have an emergency dental need, but also the variety of dental services he provides. When you visit our West County dental office, you can receive a root canal, tooth extraction, and other services you require immediately, or you can schedule the procedures during a regular appointment.

Call Your Kirkwood Emergency Dental Clinic Today

When you need emergency dental services, don’t waste time! Give Dr. Mark Taylor, your emergency dentist in Kirkwood, a call today at (314) 965-4064 to receive the one-on-one attention you deserve!

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